Hi, I’m Podgekinn, but you can call me Podge! I’m a self-made vtuber, artist, Live2D rigger, cosplayer, ASMRtist, singer, VA and general menace. I primarily stream ASMR on twitch, but also have a presence on fansly for both irl and vtuber content. You can find my music and some ASMR on my YouTube.I love cozy games like Stardew Valley, MMO’s like FFXIV, and survival games like Fallout 76. I’ve been sewing for most of my life, and prior to vtubing, I was a professional costume maker for tv, film, AAA game companies, and cosplayers.If you're lucky, you may meet my cat (and supervisor), Gary, on my stream!I am a proud twitch and YouTube Partner!

Hailing from the Darklands, Podge is a sweet but sneaky goblin maid who is certainly better at making messes than cleaning them up. Pledged in service to a mysterious overlord, her moral compass is somewhat skewed, favouring the ideals of those who show her kindness, or placate her with the things she enjoys. Anyone’s motives can be justified- it’s just a matter of perspective!Her familiar, a baby teapot-mimic named Mimsley, is just as interested in biting fingers as Podge is, and her animal companion, a black cat named Gary, is always after her attention- consistently hot on her heels as Podge manages her humble cafe.Though she may look cute and unassuming, be warned; Podge can spice things up, and has an attitude to match! Stay on her good side, and she’ll be sure to treat you with the care and kindness that is to be expected of a valued patron of her cafe!

Voice Acting:

  • Ankha - DopyTeskat Animations - 2023-2024

  • Furniture SIsters - Object Ward - 2024

  • Mirror & Podge - Book of Korvald - 2024

Please contact me for rates and availability!


  • Monster - Original Song w/ Luis Vasquez - 2023

VTuber Rigs:

  • BranGeddon

  • SteenieMo

  • Zombaebby

  • TheOzzieOni

  • King_Barron

  • MadelineIsLame

  • Madi The Maid (Pet)

  • Queen Nezara

  • AnimeTibbies

  • Smogteeth

  • Kai Silversun

  • CapricornDemon

  • BlushBunnVT

  • podgekinn



  • Model Made and Rigged by me!

  • Model Outfit Design and twitch Panels by celidrop

  • Scrungle Model by GloomyMaid

  • Cars Model by ScissorsRunner

  • "Gary" Model by Misu Murasaki

  • Cursed Chibi Model by shyhorrors

  • Comfy Chibi Model by laksana_iman

  • Logo by PioPioChii

  • Stream Background by Kuwa Go

  • Starting Soon Theme by Little Nycto

  • Just Chatting Theme by Sine Language

  • Podge Juice Box by Tizt Sanaz

  • Podge Teacup by NatiiBoop

  • Starting Soon Screen by Zet

  • Stinger by akumiishi

  • Reference Sheet by GuttyBee

  • Mimsley by kutiekitsune213

  • Website Background by KotaKotonya

  • Website Header by DormirVT