Hi! I'm Podge!
A little goblin VTuber, cosplayer and professional costume technician streaming costume creation and techniques, games, Live2D Rigging, and hobbies!

Full Body$450+ USD3 expression stickers, tracking loss idle animation, xyz physics3-4 weeks
Half Body$300+ USDSame as above3-4 weeks
Bust$200+ USDSame as above2-3 weeks
Chibi$250+ USDSame as above2-3 weeks
Additional ItemsPrice
Simple Expressions (blush, smug shadow, heart pupils, etc.)$10+ 
Complex Expressions (additional mouthforms, different eyes, etc.)$15+ 
Animated Expressions (falling tears, waving arm, etc.)$30+ 
Clothing Toggles (jacket on/off)$30+ 
Alternate Outfit Toggles$100+ 
Additional Idle Animations$30+ 
Tongue Out (iOS/android ONLY)$50+ 
Cheek Puff (iOS ONLY)$20+ 
Additional Hairstyles$50+ 
Alternate Arms/Legs$20+ 

Don’t see what you want on the list? Please ask!Rush orders are an additional 50% of the total quote.Privacy fee is an additional 10%, which means I will NOT stream or post WIPs of your rigging
progress on social media.
Additional fees may apply for complex designs.I will be clear if I don’t think I can do a particular toggle or animation based on my skill-set or the
PSD you provide. Keep these things in mind when commissioning your initial model.
If the PSD you provide does not include all the necessary assets for your rigging, I am happy to
talk to your artist, but additional fees may apply. Adding on expressions or alt outfits does not
apply to this.
I do not offer hand tracking.I do not currently offer VBridger compatibility, but I plan to in the future.

Past Clients (Newest to Oldest) 
Kai Silversunhttps://www.twitch.tv/kai_silversun